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Origins of our Teachings:

The knowledge of Chinese Medicine and holistic therapy that we provide has been passed down in our Ngui Family line for generations, each next generation inheriting the knowledge given to them by their parents. Only recently, have we begun to start teaching outside the family to non-blood students. Each person who practices is thoroughly trained for at least one year before becoming a full practitioner, in respect, empathy, Chinese Medicine, body mechanics, bio-medicine, and bio-energies.

The Lineage

Traditionally passed down from father to son, today it is headed by Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang and Justin Ngui-Hon-Sang.

Dating back to Yuan Dynasty 1271, our family has been practicing Chinese Energy Arts: Medicine, Martial Arts, and Philosophy.
Currently, Justin is the only lineage holder of this style left after his father Stanley Ngui-Hon-Sang.

Our View of Holistic Therapy

Our knowledge of health comes from an understanding of how we fit into the whole. How we attain true balance; which is not only limited to one source of your being. It involves a consistent understanding that health is not a straight line, but in fact, moves in waves. This is much the same as any other well-known healing modality, such as music. Healing moves in oscillations of Yin and Yang. Utilizing each person’s unique prenatal state, the techniques involved in walking the path becomes irrelevant. What is relevant is knowing how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and moving that totality towards your direction.

Please enjoy a short documentary that was filmed in 2011 on our Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.

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    We appreciate our students’ desire for knowledge and provide lifetime access to educational data.

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